How to Make Fewer Country Leader Mistakes

There are many ways and measures that leaders can put in place to reduce the number of mistakes that they have been making during their time in office. This is only possible if leaders can stop self-centered kind of leadership that has made many leaders make several mistakes that are not any way friendly to the electorates. The stupendous challenge for leaders is to amicable solutions for the problems that are facing the electorates. There has been a huge cry out from the members of the Republic party on some of the policies that are not serving the interest of the all the electorates. An ideal leader should have all the electorates at heart and should therefore not have policies in policies that are selective and bias towards a certain social group. It is imperative to critically look at approaches that the leaders should have in place on how to make fewer country leader mistakes. The recent campaigns by the PAC (political action committee) to challenge the move by the Democrat government of escalating taxes on the rich. This is a policy that is selective and is meant to have an impact only to have few people bear a bear a burden that is supposed to be distributed to the among all the citizens a stand that is not in tandem with the Democrats policies. OCDB( our country deserve better) a movement within the PAC has made possible for leaders to get criticism without fear or favor of being intimidated for they represent equity and particularly social equity to all citizenry of the USA.
Secondly, health policy is another matter that has saw so many leaders make mistakes on; the USA is not an exception at all when it comes to health policies. It the right of every citizen of the USA to have access to access to proper primary health care that they deserve as it is enshrined in the Constitution and the government must not serve as a hindrance in the process of implementing such policies. There is need to have increased access to primary health care to all the population across the country.
Our country deserve better PAC has made it further possible by having a chain of events to the election of leaders who are out to policies that are driven by self-interest one such rally was in the reelection bid of Harry Reid at a fund raising meeting that saw the then president Barrack Obama face humiliation for supporting the Harry Reid campaign trail. The supporters of PAC chanted and shouted with placards cards held up high written ‘’tax and spend’’ others written ‘’big government.’’
The political activities of the movement our country deserve have further received a huge following after the incumbent governor of Ohio, John Kasich, asserted in one of the interviews by one of the renowned internal media houses that he was not in support of Donald Trump campaign race for the election of the united states president. These remarks came shortly after an appalling video went viral exposing trumps rhetoric’s that were not a representation of the real image of a presidential candidate.
Furthermore, the movement has also seen into the matter of advocating for social, economic justice by its huge support of Sarah Palin. She fought very hard for the realization of the American dream and the values of the conservatives. PAC gave out all sorts of support, from moral support to financial support for Sarah Palin who was a former Republican vice president. Via the campaigns televised on the local media houses, the majority of the population came out strongly supporting her.
The PAC has an array of political activities and campaign awareness throughout its existence. In the elections of the year 2008. The bus tour went around several states making a lot of stop overs to campaign against the Democrats’ presidential candidate. The support from the tea party movement further offered a boost to the campaigns. The tea party movement was in strong opposition of the some of the Democrat’s pillars such as huge spending by the government using the tax payers money and socialized health care for all the citizenry of the USA. The PAC our country deserve a better team is still in the process of fighting more for the American dream and the social justice to all the citizen of USA. More of the activities from this movement is set in the near future with most of the campaigns criticizing the leaders so that they reduce making mistakes in leading the country.


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