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Of all the members of Congress who are up for re-election in 2010, Senator Harry Reid is by far the most culpable for the out-of-control federal spending, taxpayer-funded bailouts and push for higher taxes. As Senate Majority Leader he has pushed through trillions of dollars in new spending, ran up our national debt, pushed for tax increases and cut sweetheart deals with lobbyists in order to push through federal bailouts.

We ask you to support the campaign of the Our Country Deserves Better PAC (one of America’s largest conservative political action committees) to “Defeat Harry Reid!” The campaign has begun NOW and we urge you to make a contribution to our effort.


Your contributions will purchase airtime for our “Defeat Harry Reid” TV and radio ads. You can view these ads below:

The voters of Nevada have had enough of Reid’s failed leadership and liberal policies and are turning against him. In fact, Sen. Harry Reid is now one of the most politically vulnerable incumbents up for re-election. Consider the following:

** A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released on February 24th shows just 32% of Americans have a “favorable” view of Senator Reid.

** Also, a poll of Nevada residents taken earlier this year showed that even in his home state, Harry Reid is viewed poorly. Just as many Nevada residents hold an unfavorable view of their own Senator (47% unfavorable) as view him in a positive light (47% favorable). Here’s what Reid’s home-state newspaper, the Las Vegas Review Journal, had to say about all of this:

So now you can see how vulnerable Senator Reid is. And the Our Country Deserves Better PAC will be running television ads and sending out mailers to voters reminding them of the fact that the Reid/Pelosi Democratic Congress has stiffed taxpayers with one government bailout and giant pork barrel spending plan after another — and taken our tax dollars from us and redistributed them to those they wished without any regard for what we the American people wanted.


We’re asking Americans who are upset by the actions of Democrats in Congress to make a contribution to our campaign to “Defeat Harry Reid!”