The Our Country Deserves Better PAC is committed to defeating the candidates backed by Democrat Senate and House leaders, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, in the 2010 congressional elections. We will support conservative challengers in these election campaigns. We will then turn our focus to ensuring that Barack Obama is defeated should he chose to run for re-election in 2012.

What We Stand For


    Our government leaders have forgotten that when they push through giant spending plans that they are spending money that does not belong to them, but the taxpayers. Rampant government spending and attempts at social engineering in the housing market caused the current economic crisis. These were problems created by the politicians in Washington who did not respect the taxpayers best interests. The solution is not to take more of the American people’s money – it is rather for government to take less, and allow the American consumer to make his or her own decisions about how to spend THEIR money.


    We oppose government bailouts of private corporations. Taxpayers should not be expect to foot the bill for something that they are not responsible for. Similarly, a dangerous precedent and trend is being established where the politicians in Washington are advocating more government control of sectors of the American economy. This is quasi-socialism, and it has been proven to be ineffective in places it has been tried (such as Argentina and Japan). The expansion of government into the private sector is not only ineffective, it is immoral. Individual freedom and liberty is sacrificed more and more when the government tries to tell individuals how to conduct their daily lives and imposes more regulations and restrictions upon them. We support capitalism and the power of individual liberty and we oppose government attempts to quelch either.


    We believe America’s leaders must understand that peace comes from strength – and that evil (whether it be Islamic jihadism or Russian aggression) must be confronted with toughness and resolve. We support our military men and women and their missions in the War on Terror. We are opposed to the tentative plans currently being discussed that would cut funding of our military. Providing a safe and secure America is one of the few activities that our federal government should be involved in. Instead, some liberals in our government are pushing to take money away from our national defense and use it instead to support more government-run social programs that have proven to be failures in the past. We say, give our troops the funding and equipment they need to do their jobs, and then support them when they are sent off on their missions. We similarly support taking care of our veterans once they have served this nation, providing them with the services, benefits and assistance they need and that they more than deserve.


    We believe America must have secure borders and that those who come to this country must have respect for the rule of law. At a time when many national security experts fear the ability of terrorists to sneak weapons and personnel through our porous southern border it is inexcusable that we would not once and for all ensure that we know who is coming into this country and ensure that they have proper permission to.


    We believe that this nation must achieve as much energy independence as possible, and expand our options to include domestic energy exploration (including offshore oil drilling), a greater embrace of nuclear power, as well as increased usage of alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, geothermal, and other renewable energy sources. Until we do, we will not only be beholden to foreign energy suppliers in the Middle East, but we will also be transferring untold billions of dollars from the United States to regimes hostile to our nation, some of whom are state sponsors of terrorism.


    We believe our nation is best served by judges who are guided by adherence to the constitutional principles that have made this nation great. We are tired of seeing judges show reckless disregard for our constitution, which is the bedrock of American liberty and protection of the rights of the individual, and instead try to impose their own political agenda.