Board and Staff

  • Hon. Howard Kaloogian

    Hon. Howard Kaloogian, Co-Chairman

    The Honorable Howard Kaloogian (Republican-California, 1994-2000) serves as Chairman of the Our Country Deserves Better PAC. A proud conservative, Kaloogian served as Assistant Republican Leader in the California State Assembly during his six-year term in office. Kaloogian has been a leader in numerous conservative causes. In 2003 he launched the historic Recall Gray Davis Committee, which helped recall Democratic Governor Gray Davis – the first recall of a statewide official in California history. Kaloogian made countless national media appearances advocating on behalf of the recall effort, such as this appearance on MSNBC’s Buchanan & Press.

    Considering Ronald Reagan to be his greatest political hero, Kaloogian not only served as member of the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project, but he also went on to lead the Defend Reagan Committee. You can read an Op/Ed Mr. Kaloogian penned on the pro-Reagan committee’s efforts here.

    Kaloogian has worked with an array of national conservative leaders on a host of pertinent public policy issues facing America. You can view discussions of these issues Mr. Kaloogian has worked on as discussed by Congressman Jack Kemp, former Attorney General John Ashcroft, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

  • Sal Russo

    Sal Russo, Chief Strategist

    Sal Russo got his start in politics by working as a Special Assistant to Ronald
    . Mr. Russo has spent over 30 years in the field of political consulting and public affairs. He has been a senior advisor to several Republican presidential campaigns.

    A renowned consultant and strategist, Mr. Russo’s expertise extends to every aspect of the profession. Russo’s early conservative influence can be traced back to Barry Goldwater, who inspired Russo to become active in political causes while in college. Soon thereafter he met Reagan and his life was forever changed. Mr. Russo went on to become a leader in Republican campaigns at the state and national level, and helped freedom-loving people in campaigns around the world. He helped Violetta Chamorro win her election victory in Nicaragua. He has been an acclaimed advocate for the pro-American Kurds of Iraqi Kurdistan. In addition, Russo was also active in helping the Ukrainian independence movement to obtain freedom for the people of Ukraine. He now draws a parallel to the situation in Georgia, noting that, “as I saw tanks moving into the former Soviet republic of Georgia recently I thought about what the world would be like if Barack Obama was Commander-in-Chief of the United States. We can’t allow that to happen – we cannot allow the beacon of freedom and liberty to be turned over to this man.”

  • Lloyd Marcus

    Lloyd Marcus, Spokesperson

    Lloyd Marcus is a passionate and patriotic American who has been a leader in the fight for common sense conservative values.

    A talented singer/songwriter, Mr. Marcus has been featured at numerous conservative events, such as the Gathering Of Eagles pro-troop/pro-veteran rallies.

    Lloyd has written moving testimonials about his dedication to become the best he could be in life and to apply his talents and energies in a land blessed with freedoms and opportunities unequaled anywhere else in the world. He laments those who instead have chosen to pursue the path of bitterness and resentment.

    After Florida officials decided to change their state song, many Floridians turned to the talents of Lloyd Marcus as he penned the song, “We Call Florida Home” which quickly became a favorite candidate for official state song.

    Lloyd Marcus has touched the hearts of Americans across this great land with his powerful songs “United We Stand” and “Sarah Smile” – a tribute to Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin. You can learn more about Lloyd at his personal website: www.LloydMarcus.com.

  • Joe Wierzbicki

    Joe Wierzbicki, PAC Coordinator

    Joe Wierzbicki became a conservative at a very young age; his parents having taught him to gain reading proficiency by practicing on articles from the Wall Street Journal. The newspaper’s pro-Reagan editorial bias rubbed off on his political leanings, and Wierzbicki’s interest in politics was honed.

    Throughout college Wierzbicki was active with Republican campaigns and conservative causes, sometimes ditching class so that he could walk precincts or man phone banks for Republican candidates in southern California. In his fourth year at UCSD, Wierzbicki left for Sacramento and a job working for a State Assemblyman in the State Capitol building.

    In the 15 years since, Wierzbicki has worked for dozens of conservative and Republican campaigns, ranging from presidential campaigns, to international affairs to grassroots activist causes, such as the historic Recall Gray Davis campaign. He is also quite proud of his work with the patriotic, pro-troop organization, Move America Forward, where he helped ensure the organization’s efforts were often featured in national media reports.

    He has also worked on public relations efforts for non-political clients, and he is dedicated to making sure that the efforts of the Our Country Deserves Better PAC receive ample media coverage – including in the new line media.

  • Tiffiny Ruegner

    Tiffiny Ruegner, Director, Field Operations

    Tiffiny Ruegner is a political activist living in Sacramento, CA.

    She is a single mom who home schools her son and has served as a leader in the local home school community organizing educational activities and events. She is an independent businesswoman, a leader in her church, and a believer in personal accountability.

    Tiffiny has championed causes from California’s recall of Governor Gray Davis and passage of Proposition 8 to the defeat of a wide variety of government programs that grow the nanny state. She has her own blog where she chronicles her thoughts on the important issues of our time and a quickly growing twitter account that she uses to engage with other conservatives across the country.

    Having lived outside the country, Tiffiny appreciates America’s special place in the world, the freedoms that make us a shining city on a hill, and the benefits we enjoy as Americans. She joined the Tea Party express because she sees those freedoms under attack, she wants to preserve the power and promise of our nation for her son, and she understands that each of us has a responsibility to stand up for what’s right in service to our country and to our fellow man.

  • Levi Russell

    Levi Russell, Communications Director

    Levi Russell has emerged as one of the brightest rising stars in the conservative movement.

    Levi recently helped lead the grassroots promotional team for the conservative comedy An American Carol. Levi was a key player in generating community and political support for the film and the creation of earned media opportunities via viral e-mail, political party websites, blogs, radio and television. In addition, he had a central role in the promotion and organization of multiple group theatre buyouts, group ticket sales, and other special events.

    In 2009 Levi helped garner significant media attention and public awareness for the documentary Media Malpractice which featured an exclusive interview of Gov. Sarah Palin following the 2008 presidential election. The documentary exposed the media bias which heaped unending praise on Barack Obama during his bid for the presidency, but then applying a totally different standard towards Gov. Palin.

    A proud supporter of the U.S. military, Levi was honored to work on the promotional efforts for the critically acclaimed movie, Brothers at War, which featured the real-life story of an American who traveled to Iraq to see first-hand the heroic efforts of his brothers who were serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom. In 2008 Levi played an integral role in managing daily operations of The Third Jihad the much-discussed documentary exposing the danger radical Islam posed to free nations of the world.

    Levi graduated from the University of Alaska with a degree in Management. He is also a licensed commercial pilot, with flying experience ranging from seaplanes in Alaska to flying gliders in Montreal. In addition, he is an avid SCUBA diver and certified ski instructor.

  • Betty Presley, Treasurer

    Few individuals have earned the respect and acclaim for their work with Republican political campaigns as Betty Presley.

    Ms. Presley is routinely acknowledged by the media for her service as a campaign treasurer for Republican organizations. Republican political consultants have heaped accolades on Ms. Presley’s professionalism, proclaiming that “Betty Presley’s got your back.” One conservative talk radio host described Presley as, “A woman who’s name is very well known in political circles.” Ms. Presley has an unequaled track record of experience working for Republican campaigns at the local, state, and federal levels.

    Besides helping Republican causes, Ms. Presley has also served as treasurer for the pro-school voucher Yes on 38 committee and the Women’s Alliance for Israel.