Questions About America You’re Too Afraid to Ask

So many people who read about America have been asking themselves a lot of question that they have never find answers. This applies to both the American citizen and those from other country. There are a lot of stereotype stories that have been formed around America that are neither true nor lies. Some of these tales have traversed the whole world and made a construct on people minds that is not easy to rub it off. From their grand cities, to their large diverse ethnicity, to their most fabled democracy which set them on a high the scale of humanity.
Our Country Deserves Better is a political action committee that was formed in the year 2008 by Republican political affiliation to oppose the election of president Barrack Obama. Its main mission was to challenge the democrat’s stances on certain issues such as raising taxes on the wealthy, health care, national defense, judicial appointments and energy policy. Without forgetting its main reason for its formation was to challenge the election of all democrat candidates all over America. The head office is found in Sacramento California and is headed by Howard Kaloogian who has been spearheading all these campaigns all over country.
The main mission of this movement is to make sure that they have championed the Reaganesque conservative ideology of lower taxes, strong national defense and respect for family as core to strong America. These political committee was rejuvenated when the republicans thought that these Reagan ideas seems to be lost and far from being achieved. As the republican are reminded of all these they feel that they are the ideal thing to cherish for a country to move ahead. So any democrat who do not respect the Reaganesque conservative ideology do not deserve to hold any elected position in the country.
There are a lot of political activities that Our Country Deserves Better political action committee have decided to undertake these political activities range from various activities that they do to campaign for the republican candidate. There is the bus tour campaign that was started in 2008 by republican fanatics to counter attack president Obama tours across the country. They named it ‘stop Obama tour’, they toured nearly 30 states during the road tour. Also they had ‘Tea Party Express’ that was initiated in the same year as the first one tour. These tea party aim was to oppose the out of control spending, socialized health care and bailouts. They also blamed Barack Obama of large economic stimulus.
There is also the defeat Harry Reid campaign, which was initiated by these political action committee to campaign for republican candidate. The campaign was to ensure that the senate majority leader do not win the election. But things did not go as planned and the senator won. This campaign targeted the undecided democrats and lure them to their side. There was also the ‘Stop Cap & Trade’ campaign, which was aimed at stopping the heavy taxes on people and businesses making the ordinary American to pay the cost heavily.
In New York congressional special election they were there to give a helping hand to republican candidate James Tedisco who was running against democrat Scott Murphy who won by 1% margin. The PAC ran adverts campaigning for the republican candidate James Tedisco and calling Scot Murphy a cheat and tax evader and also they describe him as anti-military, he who oppose the military. Promoting Sarah Palin campaign during the 2008, they did this because they believed that Sarah Palin stood for the conservative ideology that were the initial republican ideals which she stood for in thick and thin. They had plans to ran a televised campaign for the republican vice president to make her famous as a woman and to give her a voice as woman who can challenge the convention. These PAC, Campaign was received well by thousands of people who donated money for these organization that helped them to continue their gospel.
Many people have been wondering on how these small and vocal non-profit organization do run their activities without fear and prejudice. They have been able to consolidate their finances in good ways and not playing con and laundering money to support their candidate. They have proved to be people who stood for the right reason as according to the republican motto. These republican campaign of our country deserves better has supported candidature of many people all over America. This making them a strong organization that voice what the American fore fathers stood for.