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When Barack Obama won the presidential campaign of 2008 along with sizable Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, we knew things were going to get worse for America. We just didn’t know how bad it would be – but it’s becoming clearer and clearer with each day.

We’re under assault from liberals in Congress who have gone on a spending spree to the tune of over $10 trillion. Taxpayer-funded bailouts have been passed against our consent. Taxes are being raised. Our government is trying to run the affairs of private businesses. And now Obama-Pelosi-Reid want to have the government take over our health care choices.

Our Country Deserves Better and we ask you to join our fight for conservative beliefs as we strive to make this a better and brighter America.

Conservatively yours,

Hon. Howard Kaloogian, Chairman

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Tea Party Express 3: Just Vote Them Out
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