What are the best electric choppers brands?

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We’re about to open the topic of best electric choppers brands, so pay attention 🙂

best electric mini chopperI’ve already spent a lot of time and words telling you why I think electric choppers are a good idea in today’s modern kitchen, so I won’t be talking about it here. At least not in length. My main point is always that if you like dabbling around the kitchen, or you are an experienced cook, electric chopper is one of the most important and most helpful gadgets you can get.

They save time without a shred of a doubt, and even the vainest among us simply has to admit these little guys do a better job at chopping things than your average home-cooking human. An effort is always appreciated, but leave the slicing and dicing to the pro.

So, it’ll save you a lot of time and it’ll do a much better job at preparing all of the ingredients you need for you meal. It’ll also save you money. How will it save me money, you ask? Well, by minimizing the amount of food you have to throw away after you’re done with you slicing session.

This connects beautifully to the par where I talked about how electric choppers do a great job at cutting pretty much anything. They’ll cut it all right, but they’ll also use the most of what you put inside, so you won’t have to throw away a bunch of food ever again. If you think I’ve spent all my arguments for buying one, well you’re wrong. One of the most important aspects when it comes to electric choppers is their safety. At least in my humble opinion.

How many times have you cut yourself using you everyday kitchen knife? Probably one time too many if you ask me. Choppers have safety measures infused into the very design. That’s why you’ll never end up in a situation where your fingers might connect with the blades.

electric mini chopper reviewsMost of the modern choppers have safety mechanisms that look something like this. The machine won’t start chopping (or whatever you need it to do) before the lid is secured on top of the bowl. This is a great mechanism in my opinion, and something you’ll never be able to pull off with your average kitchen knife.

And this is how it looks when I say I won’t spam you with reasons to buy an electric chopper. I think we’ve had just about enough of that, so now we can focus on what’s truly our topic for today. We’ll talk about some of the most famous brands in the industry. Most famous usually doesn’t mean the best in my experience, but with best electric choppers it does, oddly enough.

So, the first brand you all knew is going to be taking the first place is Cuisinart, of course. This is one of the giants of the industry, and even people who have no connection to the kitchen and activities hidden therein have heard about it at some point. They really made an art out of chopping fruits and vegetables, and the quality they provide positions them firmly on top of the food chain as far as best electric chopper brands are concerned.

Top 5 Hair Styles for Those Lazy Days

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There are days when you just don’t feel like spending a lot of time on your hair. You might’ve woken up late after a night out or just want to unwind after a stressful week.

The good news is that your hair doesn’t have to look bad since there are many easy and quick hair styles which you may consider to maintain your classy and stylish look. The following is a close look at top hair styles to choose from for those lazy days.

Hair Styles

Low bun 

It’s a very common hairstyle and very easy to make so it doesn’t require a lot of time. To make it, separate several strand of hair from the top of your head and brush them upwards while pulling the rest of the hair down. Keep your ponytail in place using a hair tie and separate it into two. Flip the lower half and flip it into the other half. Wrap your hair around at the base of bun and pin it to finalize the low bun.

Headband tuck 

It is a perfect hair style on days when your hair fails to corporate and when you are bored to put it up. You simply need a hair band and a pair of bobby pins to get ready. Place the hair band around your head, tighten it and tuck the hair over its lower part. It is great because the messier you hair is, the better it looks.

Date night curls

Many girls like bouncing curls although they don’t like spending a lot of time to make them. The curls are great for those lazy days because they are very easy to create. Make a ponytail at the front of your head and decide where to wrap your curls away from. Use the curling iron to curl the entire ponytail. Wait for the curls to cool and release them.

Twisted hair donut

It’s a great way of creating the “Hair Donut” look using a sock. You need a pair of socks, scissors and bobby pins. Roll the sock down starting from the top until it forms a circle. Remove the toes of the sock and put your hair in a ponytail before pulling you hair through the donut. Spread your hair on the sock and attach a flexible hair band around the hair and the sock.

Hair Style

Half-up half-down

It is a simple to do hairstyle and stylish enough if you’re having people over for lunch.

Backcomb the hair at the top and smoothen out the top most hair layer in your head. Twist one side of the top layer and pin it across for about two thirds on side. Do the same for the other side and slide it below the first part and twist again.

It is clear that there are many hair styles that you can use on your lazy days, or when you are simply in a hurry. They are super-fast and they don’t require heating or curling. You only need a dry shampoo and several bobby pins.

So, be sure to keep them around, you’ll find them very useful when you have limited time or feeling lazy to prepare your hair.

Choosing the Best Hair Straightener for Your Needs

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Making up your mind on the best hair straightener to get that traffic-stopping silky hair can be an uphill task. The numerous specifications thrown at you can be completely mind-boggling. Do you get that Paul Mitchell with the titanium or ceramic plates? Or should you go for the CHI that offers ionic straightening? What ionic straightening even means? Well, you don’t have to develop a migraine as you go through hair straightener reviews in pursuit for the best flat iron.

Here are a couple of features to look out for that are certain to give you an upper hand while shopping for your next sidekick. You can even brag about how well you know your stuff next time you’re at the salon and look like a total rock star.

Best Hair Straightener

Type of Plates

We’ve come a long way since the days of old school regular metallic plates. The ones that heated up at their own convenience and could incinerate you hair at the worst possible moment. Now, new materials ensure that heat is evenly distributed, quickly recovered and friction greatly reduced.

– Ceramic Coated: Ceramic is a great conductor of heat, and these types of plates heat up in a jiffy. However, they do lose a bit of heat after running them through your tresses for a while.

– Ceramic and Teflon: If you particularly abhor snagging while flattening your hair, these are the perfect plates. The Teflon greatly reduces friction, lowering chances of snagging and saving you from hair damage.

– Solid Ceramic: They are one of the most popular types on the market today, thanks to their even heating and temperature retention.

– Titanium: It might be a bit pricier, but titanium makes one of the best hair straightener plate materials. The plates offer amazing value for money due to their strong build and even heating.

Tourmaline: This gemstone is commonly used together with ceramic, creating beautiful results. The tourmaline churns out negative ions that combat static and help seal in that all-important moisture.

Width of Plates

The next really important feature you have to look out for when looking for the best hair straightener is how wide the plates are. Settling on this will be determined by the texture of your hair. If you have short or thin hair, then go for slim plates that range from about 2.5-3 centimeters in width. Medium plates are ideal for hair of medium length and thickness, and range from 3-4 centimeters. And if you’re blessed with that long, thick hair that can prove to be quite the wild animal to tame, then wide plates should be your weapon of choice. They measure up to 6 centimeters and offer enough surface area to get the job done.

Barrel Type

The shape of the flat iron itself is crucial when it comes to styling. If all you’re after is perfectly flat hair, then a standard iron will do the trick. But if you’d like to do a bit of styling, maybe add a bit of subtle curls to blow that hot date away, then a rounded barrel is the way to go. While it may not create that perfectly flat look that so many are fond of, a rounded barrel is the more versatile option.

Best Flat Iron

Heat Settings: Fixed vs. Variable

We all know that too much heat isn’t good for your luscious locks. That’s why you should always have your eye out for the heat settings. Most flat irons come with variable heat settings that allow you to adjust them according to your hair’s texture.

But these days, the big boys of styling products such as CHI have fixed setting straighteners that promise to offer a single optimal temperature. These may be perfect if you have medium to thick hair and eliminate the hustle of toying with settings. But if you have fine hair, then a variable setting is definitely wiser.

Travel Compatibility

You don’t want to get caught with frizzy hair when you’re out and about on your travels right? So the next time you’re perusing through hair straightener reviews, look out for a flat iron designed with portability in mind. The first thing to consider is multi voltage. Stylers that can handle anything from 100-240V will allow you to use them anywhere on the globe as long as you have an adapter. Alternatively, you can opt for cordless models that are powered by disposable fuel cells; allowing you to look stunning even if you’re in the middle of the Amazon.

Digital Technology

While most modern flat irons are digitized, there are a number of features that are total life savers. Top on the list is the auto-shut off feature that is an absolute must-have. How many times have you had a mini heart attack after remembering you might have left the straightener unplugged? But thanks to the auto-shut off feature, the flat iron powers down after a stipulated period of disuse, saving you all the anxiety. Some digital models also come with an LCD display, which makes it easier to tell what temperature has been set. They are also designed to beep when they are hot enough to use and even to remind you to unplug them.

Specialized Features

Who doesn’t like a bit of tender loving care?

If you’d like to shower your hair with a bit of attention, there are a number of features designed to show your locks some love. If you have especially thin hair, then ionic straighteners designed by the likes of Paul Mitchell can prove invaluable. They use less heat and the power of negative ions to give you lustrous results.

If you’d like to skip blow drying your hair after taking a shower, you can go for Wet to Straight irons that work on towel-dried hair. They have the extra advantage of producing lasting results. Or you can opt for cutting-edge and treat yourself to one that produces far infrared heat. Infrared heats the hair from within, leading to a less likelihood of damage and significantly faster results.

So you now have an idea of what features would amount to the best hair straightener for your hair type. Whether you’re into Paul Mitchell or CHI, you won’t have a blank stare in your face once Tourmaline or Teflon is thrown around in hair straightener reviews.

Now go flaunt your new-found knowledge.

6 Colors to wear on a date

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As they say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. There is truth in the saying and in terms of you clothes, color is what attracts the eye first. It is the first form of communication that says a lot about you before you even speak.

An array of well blended colors may send a message that not even words could communicate. That’s why they say that a picture is worth a thousand words

First dates

First dates

On your first date it is all about presentation, how you present yourself reflects how you feel and how confident you are.

The right color combination echoes a strong statement. In addition to this, it boosts your self-esteem while building confidence.

Read on to learn about the best colors to combine on a date night to steal the show and leave your date astonished.


When you want to make a bold statement about yourself red is the color to wear. It not only appeals to the eyes but also speaks a lot about the person who wears it. It’s provocative and without a trace of doubt makes an unforgettable impression.

Throw in a red tie if you are a man to show confidence about your masculinity. A woman in a red dinner dress keeps her date’s attention and as the night slowly moves along, she is well ahead of “the game”.


Think of peace, tranquility and loyalty. Nothing embodies these personal attributes as blue does. It not only brings the best out of your skin color it also compliments almost anything and everything that you put on.

It especially flatters those blessed with light eyes.


Once considered a girls affair, pink has become a favorite across the genders. It shows boldness and an energy that cannot be contained within but must be shared with the world.

Men who manage to pull of pink and still ooze masculinity are a rear beast and, believe me, any woman will be intrigued by this man.

Women who wear it often pull without getting into the dangerous area of looking cheap will linger in the hearts and minds of their dates for the weeks to come. Associated with youthfulness, pink can deliver the allure of youth and freshness.


Worn right, nothing says royalty and style like purple.

It always looks great on anyone regardless of the shade. Men should at all times stick to deep or darker shades of purple. It adds more personality to their nature expressing their high energy levels.

Women look better in lighter shades of purple.


Associated with nature, this popular color blends well with almost everything. Whether you are light-skinned or a tanned person, green can be great choice for a date.

It’s right there on the line of being open to new experiences whilst still maintaining a sense that you are somewhat of a mystery.

In conclusion

Colors speak a lot about you as an individual, before answering the doorbell to head out on a date remember to throw on something that naturally brings out the best in you as first impressions always counts, don’t let anybody tell you anything else.

First dates

8 useful hairstyling tips for girls with short hair

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Most girls think that styling short hair is difficult, and many avoid short hair because they think it’s not worth the effort. But you’d be surprised to learn that a few easy steps taken and a few pitfalls avoided can give you a splendid fresh look with short hair.

Whether you’re thinking about how you look as you’re heading back to school, or you’re just considering getting into the short hair style, read on. In this post, I’ll offer you a few tips about hair styles for girls with short hair.

hairstyling tips

  1. First of all, avoid adding volume at the crown – when you puff up the back and flatten the front, it’s going to look outdated and old-fashioned.
  2. Also avoid too much blow-drying. It’ll take away the natural and healthy look from your hair. Instead, apply a little blow until your hair is half dry. And then run a little wax or serum and let nature do the rest. Your hair will look much better when it dries on its own.
  3. Don’t get your hair too slick. Applying too much gel can make your hair look, well, awful and without any volume. For better results, apply a little pomade or wax to your hair but not so much to mat it to your head. Rake it back with your fingers and make sure you keep some height at the top while keeping the side very tight.
  4. Spending too much time and money on different products and styling to keep your hair perfect can become a self-defeating goal and end up doing more damage than good. Always use a good HSI flat iron like the HSI professional.
  5. Here’s a quick method that runs like a breeze and gives perfect results: Get a dub of wax, rub it thoroughly between your hands and spread its moist. Then form your fingers like a pitchfork and insert them into your hair, and do little pinching-and-pulling moves to pull your hair up through the ends.
  6. Mind that one of the keys to short haircut harmony is to have your hair longer at the crown and shorter on the sides. Having long bangs that always need to be tucked back can be bothersome and never looks that great. If you don’t want bangs, you should remove them, not battle them.
  7. Don’t go to bed before you make sure that your hair is completely dry. This is true for any hairstyle but especially for short hair. If you’re sporting anything longer than a buzz cut, you will discover to your dismay that any type of pillow on wet hair action will result in flattened and messed-up hair that will not be mended with any known product or tool.
  8. Most girls with short hair complain that they are always looking the same, which tends to get boring. However, simple techniques can give you a completely different look. If you have a bob or a shorter haircut, a simple trick to give a dramatic (and appealing) change is to switch up your texture in the direction that your hair goes.
  9. Random teasing can help too. Just keep teasing your hair forward, and occasionally stop to look at what you’re creating. You might find something new that works.

If these tips were helpful at all, do not hesitate to share your questions or thoughts by contacting me.

hairstyling tip

Choosing A Shampoo That Will Not Damage Your Hair

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Most people find it difficult to choose the right shampoo for their hair since there are many available options to choose from and that fact alone can be confusing, not to mention all the marketing tricks, the stars and sparkle. But what’s the truth, which of these products are real substance and which of them are hype?

Let’s investigate the issue and come up with our own answers…

In fact, you should not allow the product logo and bottle design to make you select a shampoo. If you make the wrong choice, then you will end up damaging your wonderful hair.

If you want to do it right you should see dermatologist who would explain everything about your scalp type, effects of the surrounding or environment on your hair, and hair type.

This will help you make an informed decision in choosing a shampoo that will not damage your hair at the end of the day.

Oily or Dry Hair

Let us take a special not of some of the factors:

Hair Thickness

Note that there are three categories of hair depending on volume, including thick, medium and thin hair.

Thick locks are hard to manage. However, there are shampoos that are suitable for this type of hair. In most cases, moisturizing and hydrating ones are the best.

Medium hair type can be enhanced by simple moisturizing shampoo since it is easy to maintain.

On the other hand, thin locks require shampoos that increase hair volume or thickness. However, if you have both an oily scalp and thin hair, it’s wise to choose strengthening, volume-balancing or volume-adding shampoo.

If you happen to have thin hair and dry scalp, then moisturizing and volume-balancing shampoos will do the trick.

Oily or Dry Hair

Oily HairFor oily locks, get a shampoo that’s specifically made for this type of hair. It’s important to avoid moisturizing shampoos since this will only makes matters worse.

And do keep in mind – anti-dandruff shampoos works well with oily hair. And it goes without saying (yet I’m saying it) that you should always avoid products that can irritate your skin. To recognize these read reviews of hair protecting products and shampoos you are considering before you get one.


Chemically treated hair

Gentle shampoos are the choice for chemically treated hair. Permanently curled hair, straightened or even colored hair should be treated with utmost caution. Failing to do so can result in the kind of damage that’ll take months to recover from. So, unless you are fan of Yankee hats to hide your scorched and thinned hair, take your time with this.

For instance, permanently curled hair and straightened hair requires additional moisture and keratin based products.

Colored hair can be managed well with sulphate-free shampoos to reduce chances of color stripping. And one more tip – avoid washing chemically treated hair every day, typically every 2 to 3 days is good enough.

Normal Hair

Most girls have locks that are not too fine or frizzy. This type of hair is what you would call “normal” which refers to just the right balance in the follicle.

If you have normal hair, then you ought to look for shampoos then you have far fewer things to worry about.

Flaky scalp

This kind of problem can be caused by a lot of sebum which (in time) can accumulate to form dandruff. To control this situation, look for balancing or clarifying shampoos.

Thinning Mane and helpful herbs

The nettle root is known to raise blood circulation in the scalp and therefore lowers DHT, which is the hormone responsible for hair loss.

Frizzy or Curly

Mane of this kind requires additional conditioning agents in order to make sure that locks are smooth and moisturized.

Cleansing conditioners can work wonders if you are facing this kind of issues.

5 cool braided hair styles

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Braid hairstyles allow you to play with your hair in a more fun way. You can wear braids in various styles and they are also easier to maintain. Braids can take a longer time to make, but once they’re in place they last for a very long time and they don’t need much care.

They are also suitable for all women regardless of the age.

To enjoy the hairstyles for long, you will need to go to a person with the proper technique (or learn to make them yourself) and make sure your hair is suitable and strong enough for braids. A well-done braided style is good for any occasion including both formal and casual events.

In addition to the benefits they offer, they also help in protecting the hair against external damages. Long and thick hair is usually the most suitable for braids.

Here are 5 cool braided hairstyles that you should consider:

1. Marley twists

This is the braided hairstyle most suitable for teenage girls. The hairstyle comes with strands but also extends down to the shoulder length. If your hair is long and thick, you can try this effortless look. This braided hairstyle fits all face shapes.

Marley twists

2. The crow braid

To get the crow braid, you need to follow the following easy steps:

  • You have to start by combing your hair to avoid any tangles.
  • After combing it, you should pull it back and make thick plait.
  • Then shift the hair to the side.
  • The end result – your hair will look beautiful -much like the French braided hairstyles. Furthermore, some parts of your hair will come from your heads top and make your hair top area appear like a crown.

 3. Jumbo French braid

The styling of jumbo French braid is similar to that of the ordinary French braid even though there are a few differences between the two. In the jumbo French braids will make the longer parts of the plait appear wider.

4. Braids featuring open hair

To form this hairstyle, you need to separate your hair right down the middle. After doing that, you should start forming a normal braid and ensure that the braids are not heavy. Use a hair band to tie the hair at your backside and leave the remaining hair loose.

5. The hipster braid

hipster braid

This is a cool and relaxed braided hairstyle especially suitable for hot summer days. This hairstyle can also give you that beach, and I know a lot of girl who simply love that.

Braided hairstyles are available in several types and you will therefore have various options when styling the braids.

Some of them don’t even look like braids at first sight – for example shreds which are a type of hairstyle braided around the base while being free on the top.

And yes, braided hair also suits children. If you need to keep their hair neat without worrying about it every day (especially on a vacation), try out the braids and see how you feel about it.

Universal wardrobe items for a business woman

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business womanImage is everything in the corporate world and women especially need to learn to dress for success. When choosing your wardrobe, remember, you need to be comfortable and confident.

Here are just a few universal wardrobe items for a business woman that should be in the closet of any businesswoman:

Black dress

A little black dress is a must-have. Whether you are going to the office, having dinner with a client or colleagues or going for any social function a sexy sophisticated black dress is a perfect choice to wear.

Ensure it is custom made and fits well to hide your flaws and compliment your attributes. Style and comfort should top your priority list when choosing the dress. You can either choose a sleeveless, 3/4 length sleeves, or have cap sleeves. Depending on your taste, you can pick a knee-length, miniskirt or something in between.

Whatever your taste or style, you can never go wrong on a black dress.

Black blazer

This is another important wardrobe item for every business woman. Since it’s black, you can wear it with almost anything from short skirts, dresses to a pair of jeans. You don’t need to shop at expensive malls to get the best blazer, simply ensure that you buy a well fitting blazer for you body type and size. Depending on your style, you can buy longer blazer or one that slightly fits in the waist area.

business woman wardrobe


Accessories compliment everything you wear, for instance adding an accessory to your blazer can make an official look totally informal. Make sure you have necklaces, earrings, bangles among others.

You can never go wrong with diamonds. Whether you want to compliment your little black dress, dress for a dinner date or a high-power meeting simple diamond hoops is a perfect choice. Handbags and belts are another worthy investment in your wardrobe. Handbags (particularly a black leather bag) compliment your image and speak volumes about your personality.

You wear it to shopping, dinner, lunch, or to the office. Choose a size that can comfortably carry everything that you need but not too big for you to carry around.

White button shirt

Like a pair of blazers, ensure you get a well fitting shirt to accentuate your features. Don’t buy one similar to your boyfriend or husband. While wearing the shirt, you can either wear it as part of a suit, tucked in under a jacket or a sweater. Consider the following while buying the shirt:

  • In terms of style, consider if you want a casual shirt or official one. A fancy less pressed shirt is ideal for casual wear when worn with a pair of jeans. However, for official look, choose less fancy and more pressed shirt.
  • In terms of the material, cotton is the best material to choose. The long strong fibers in cotton give the shirt a luxurious appearance and make it durable.
  • The collar is another important element. Ensure it is sewn properly.

Black skirt

Nothing portrays your confidence and femininity than a knee-length black skirt. Ensure the skirt fits perfectly to give you a slim appearance. Depending on your style, you can either choose a pencil skirt, A-line skirt or any other type but whichever style you choose, make sure the material is lightweight wool to suit any season.